The emerging need to respond to the needs of a growing number of companies providing public services caused that in 2007 Construcciones Manuel Sanchez enter and specialize in comprehensive maintenance sector, under the trademark of SICMA ©. One achievement was the award of maintenance service complementary GIAHSA activity (integrated water management of Huelva SA). This company is responsible for the comprehensive management of water supply and sanitation of the coast of Huelva. Since then we have been providing our services in a wide range of actions such as those derived from the plumbing, sanitation, and various catchments facilities, water treatment plants (water treatment and wastewater), pumping tanks, centers MSW (municipal solid residue), recycling centers, sort packaging plants, etc.

Besides the maintenance of water supply systems, sanitation or elements and facilities owned by GIAHSA, we are also the winners of the new works and extensions of existing networks. For all this we have an excellent team, with the latest and most innovative ways to perform their activity. The result of this well developed job is the recent renewal of the collaboration contract in 2012.